Tradition Elementary School

St. Hedwig, Texas

A new community-based, elementary school will accommodate 920 students in 42 classrooms with a library/media center, cafetorium, gymnasium and multiple special needs education areas. All daily student and staff circulation are organized around the library/media center which is a two-story space with access from both first and second floor.

Collaborative learning opportunities occur at every grade level in breakout spaces located throughout the campus. The architecture of the school also reflects the agricultural sensibilities of the community. Native Texas limestone, metal wall panels and strategically placed south facing roofs are used to create a visual language that relates well to this community. The school utilizes passive solar techniques in the design of openings which allow an abundance of natural light to penetrate throughout the facility without adding surplus solar gain to the cooling load. Exterior porches create places for gathering and learning outside the normal classroom environments. Student and community gardens will be encouraged and enabled with rainwater catching features placed around the perimeter of the school.

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