Placer Valley Sports Complex

Roseville, California

Athletic complex becomes one of largest synthetic turf facilities in U.S.

The Placer Valley Sports Complex includes 10 full-sized, synthetic multisport fields that can be used for soccer, football, lacrosse, rugby, field hockey and ultimate Frisbee. With more than one million square feet of synthetic turf, the fields make up one of the largest synthetic turf facilities in the United States.

The irregular site geometry, as well as environmental constraints and access issues, made it challenging to fit the entire program on the site. A portion of the land lies within a 100-year flood plain, which rendered approximately seven acres as undevelopable; other areas contained sensitive wetland or open space that was off limits. In addition, the site is bisected by Coyote Creek, an active running waterway.

The design solution places the new community building and plaza at the heart of the site, allowing the large footprints of the fields to be configured in the most efficient way possible. At 10,000 square feet, the community building contains multipurpose rooms, concessions, restrooms, offices and tournament headquarters. The adjacent events plaza can host awards ceremonies, farmers markets, concerts and other outdoor gatherings. Additional amenities include two play areas, a variety of dining and picnic opportunities, and abundant canopies and shade trees for comfort.

Two of the ten fields are located on the south side of the creek. A pedestrian bridge connects the two portions of the site. From the main parking lot at the north, a central promenade with shade canopies leads to the community building and plaza, while also providing sun protection for spectators watching games on either side. The promenade continues to the pedestrian bridge, where walking trails connect to the southern playfields.

Landscaping is designed with drought-tolerant plants and high-efficiency irrigation systems. Site utilities include reclaimed water. A regional trail, consisting of AC paving and decomposed granite shoulders, meanders along Coyote Creek and adds a passive component to the active sports park.

Designed for regional and national tournaments as well as local intramural leagues, the fields support year-round competitions and team training. All fields are outfitted with high-performance sports field lighting to accommodate nighttime play.

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