Alamo Heights High School

San Antonio, Texas

The site's location on a busy street in San Antonio called for a sleek new auditorium lobby design that unifies the disparate elements of the high school facade. Interior and exterior renovations of an outdated, 1950s-era auditorium into a modern state-of-the-art facility included creation of an 1,800-square-foot black box theater with continuous catwalk, acoustical upgrades, updating theatrical light and sound system and installation of a multipurpose floor.

A new 60,580-square-foot science building and upgrades to campus-wide technology systems also brought the school up to date. Interior courtyards encourage students to learn and study before, in between and after classes, in addition to their regular class time. Classrooms are organized departmentally, with a teacher workroom at each corridor to help teachers make the most of non-class periods. The 53,530 square feet of classroom renovations as a whole created a safer environment that is easier for users to navigate due to improved adjacencies and upgraded security and MEP systems.

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