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LPA designs innovative 21st century learning spaces that are flexible, interactive, learner-centered and collaborative.

Menlo-Atherton High School STEM Building

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We aim to inspire both students and teachers with environments that spark deep thinking, discovery, dynamic interactions and teamwork.

East Central High School Performing Arts Center


K-12 Education

LPA offers a better approach to the design and delivery of K-12 learning spaces. Our mission is to create engaging environments that put 21st century skills at the center of learning and foster the next generation of innovators and achievers. We think beyond the traditional classroom, designing flexible spaces that adapt to changing needs and support a wide range of learning behaviors and activities. We also integrate intuitive, facility-wide technology, so students can satisfy their curiosity and access the information they need wherever they are on campus. Our designs are optimized to accommodate individual differences, promote student leadership and decision-making and increase each learner’s sense of ownership in his or her achievement. For more information, contact the Director of K-12, Jim Kisel.

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