Irvine, California

Jim Kisel has focused his career on developing educational environments that create a sense of place and prepare students for success in future endeavors. He is a leading voice for student-centric learning and the importance of a research-driven approach to school design. From master-planning to successful campaign strategy outreach, Jim works with clients and communities to maximize dollars spent on the classroom and develop sustainable facilities that reduce long-term maintenance and operational costs.

In his career, Jim has worked with more than 200 school facilities clients including site analysis, educational program visioning, schematic design, budgeting, fundraising, bond planning and local/state agency approval needs. He has worked with some clients for more than 25 years, developing generations of students. As a frequent presenter to local and national organizations, Jim believes that his projects should be a direct result of the collective authorship process that he facilitates with educators, administrators and communities. Focusing on data-driven design, the needs of students and a commitment to better results.