David BurtAIA, LEED AP

Technical Practice Director

Dallas, Texas

As Technical Design Director, David Burt excels in the art and science of design documentation to effectively communicate design intent. With 35 years of experience as an architect, David is known for his deep knowledge of building codes, technical expertise and quality control practices.

At LPA, David is a resource for multiple building envelope and air barrier systems, forensic analysis of built exterior envelopes, construction documentation, exterior architectural detailing, materials, quality control checks and advice with submittals. He is well-versed and committed to the craft of accurate and timely construction documentation. He efficiently assembles construction documents together into a coherent, buildable package without betraying the design intent and maintaining the integrity of the project.

In 2007, David volunteered as the Project Architect for the Katrina-Rita Task Force. He led a team evaluating three existing school buildings, preparing for temporary renovations to house K-12 and to document damage for FEMA submittals. David and his task force colleagues wrote the first edition of the CEFPI (now Association for Learning Environments) Disaster Planning, Management Recovery Guide.

Growing up in New Orleans, David’s neighborhood was filled with a wide variety of architectural influences and styles, as was his home: David’s parents amassed a collection of architecture books, which he loved to study. David received a Bachelor of Architecture in 1983 from Tulane University, and returned for a Master of Architecture in 2004. He is an award-winning architect, a LEED Accredited Professional and a member of the AIA.