San Diego, California

New plaza and lobbies help rebrand dated office complex

Located in an office park in San Diego, California, Wateridge is a pair of existing two-story, commercial buildings that received much-needed design improvements. The exterior plazas, building façades and lobby interiors were given a fresh look to reposition the property in the marketplace and to provide new tenant amenities.

Bounded by two L-shaped buildings, the entry plaza was redesigned to connect the property as a single, cohesive business complex. Decorative paving patterns assist with wayfinding to building entries and parking areas. In addition to new hardscape, the plaza incorporates a vehicular drop-off, drought-tolerant plants and strategically-located palm trees that provide shade. Sculptural structures are incorporated into the landscape to help define outdoor seating areas where tenants can hold informal meetings, network or take a break.

Totaling 124,000 leasable square feet, the two buildings were repainted with tasteful, contemporary colors that complement the new plaza materials. To increase visual interest at the building entries, vertical-fin sunscreens were added at the exterior of glass lobbies.

On the interior, each building’s lobby was renovated with modern finishes and punctuated with a fun pop of color. New furniture and lighting create comfortable seating areas for small group discussions or for tenants waiting for meetings.

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