Dallas, Texas

Dallas office blends California and Texas culture

The design of Roofstock’s office expansion in Dallas, Texas creatively blends the heart of the company’s Oakland, California, headquarters culture with the style and curb appeal of downtown Dallas. The 10,000 square-foot office on the 28th floor of a downtown skyscraper is open and flexible, reflecting the company’s goal to create a consistent style across its offices that represents the brand while embracing the regional culture.

The concept of “curb appeal” was essential for a company that is focused on residential real estate investments and property management. Materials such as brick, wood and shingle siding, concrete floors and wood beams were inspired by the company’s work in single-family rental homes, while the bold color pops and raw materials echo the local urban vibe. Abstracted elements of a roof pitch were incorporated into the workplace, including the booths in the break area, which are reminiscent of a residential back patio, a style which is also featured in the Oakland headquarters.

Access to views and daylighting were top priorities for the design. Height-adjustable four-foot module bench stations were placed near the window line, offering panoramic views of the city. Phone booths and collaboration spaces incorporated throughout the office provide a variety of settings for private and group discussions. Furniture selected for the common areas is modular and flexible, allowing for a variety of configurations for events, such a TED talks and large team breakouts.

One of the key features of the design is a speakeasy camouflaged behind a customized bookcase adjacent to a large conference room. In addition to serving as a private space for staff, the speakeasy is used as a recruitment tool, adding a unique experience to the interview process. The speakeasy includes a bar, lounge seating and stunning downtown views.

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