Palm Springs Air Museum Renovation

Palm Springs, California

New design cost-effectively repositions museum as multi-purpose community center, adds new programming space and creates a welcoming presence for visitors.

LPA has spent eight years working to update different aspects of the non-profit Palm Springs Air Museum, a living history museum dedicated to educating the public about America’s warplanes. The major museum renovation, developed within a tight budget, raises the prominence of the museum and changes the way the facility engages visitors, in addition to honoring the museum’s mission.

The new, unifying semi-circular façade, which pays homage to the mid-century modernism architecture of the area, creates an appropriate civic presence for the museum. The design, developed by LPA’s integrated team of architects, interior designers and landscape architects, doubles the size of the lobby, including a new gift shop and new multipurpose room for guests and the community. Solid walls keep the theater cool and dark, while glass walls give the lobby and gift shop visibility to the outdoors.

Outdoor landscape and gathering areas create a welcoming arrival to the museum. New drought tolerant landscape replaces grass areas. Shaded outdoor meeting areas with seating were added for pre-function events.

The final design creates a better flow and organization for the interior spaces, expands the capabilities of the fast-growing institution and matches the vision of the fundraising effort to create a new landmark for Palm Springs.

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