Moores Cancer Center

San Diego, California

A modular design-build slashes construction time

The designers worked with RAD Technology Medical Systems, a modular builder, to design and build radiotherapy treatment vaults and PET/CT simulation center in a fraction of the time of a traditional design-build. A complete facility housing two radiotherapy treatment vaults and the PET/CT simulation suite was field-erected in about 125 days, supporting the unique lease financing the client used to overcome lack of state capital funding.

The modular treatment vault technology offered the client enhanced flexibility to upgrade the treatment in the future, without needing exhaustive and time-consuming renovation to the vault or clinic space. The advantages of modular designed were featured throughout the design, while maintaining sensitivity to the design elements of the existing campus. The structure was designed on a planning grid based on the size of the three-dimensional building modules that were used for the clinic space. The exterior of the building utilizes the same type of stone cladding employed on the existing buildings on campus.

The focus of the interior design was continuity with the existing center, which was designed to provide patients with a comfortable and healing environment. A light-filled waiting room with planters and neutral-toned floor and wall finishes greet patients. Natural wood panels at the gowning and sub-waiting areas provide privacy while also providing the warmth that a natural material provides. Treatment vaults feature soffited ceilings to provide a human scale to the treatment equipment, while adjustable lighting levels and light-colored material tones soften the procedural aspects of the vault, avoiding an antiseptic and sterile environment.

Treatment at this facility was able to start three years earlier than the anticipated completion of traditionally constructed facilities.

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