East Central High School

San Antonio, Texas

The dramatic, three-year transformation at East Central High School included the replacement of 16 existing, 40-year-old, permanent structures and 14 temporary structures with a new two-story Academic Building and major additions/renovations to the Cafeteria and Gyms. Goals for the campus included accommodating 3,000 students and providing an enriched atmosphere of learning spaces, both on the interior and exterior.

The transformation included energy upgrades with vertical and horizontal shading structures to enhance operational efficiency, while also visually tying together the new and existing structures. Unique features include a two-story, covered outdoor teaching theatre, a 700-seat amphitheater, light-filled classrooms, a library and indoor circulation spaces. The project included LPA as the prime architectural firm with engineering services designed by specialized sub-consultants. Professional services included architecture, civil engineering, MEP, structural, kitchen consulting and technology consulting. Unforeseen conditions were addressed by 17 total Contingency Change Orders, owner betterments and document conflicts. The Final Change Order resulted in a credit to the District of $1,200,000.

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