Alamo Heights City Hall

San Antonio, Texas

Study explores different options for Texas city’s civic center

LPA worked with the City of Alamo Heights to explore the future of its civic center, including space for council chambers, the fire department, the police department and administration offices. The city had specific goals for the 24,000-square-foot facility, including a design rooted in Alamo Heights and South Texas; a pedestrian-friendly streetscape; residentially civic in scale , form and materials; simple construction with pleasing proportions; responsiveness to the climate; and a low maintenance, low water landscape.

Designers explored different options for the improvements, including analyzing the cost benefits and opportunities of new build over renovation. The process with the city and community explored the different programs for the site and the best size and scale for the different elements, including several community meetings with local residents. The scope of the work included budget, quality and conceptual designs for different options.

The final plan chosen by the council grouped the council, police and administration functions in a single-story building, while the fire station received its own two-story complex. The study found ways to reduce the size and create efficiencies, establishing a solid foundation for the city’s future growth.

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